DeepInto® Tech

We put quality at the centre by allying it quickly at reduced prices

Simplify the processes of your technical translations and accelerate the international time-to-market of your products and services.

The DeepInto® Tech platform allows the simplification of the production of technical translations (reducing management time up to 80%), to centralize all the human resources involved (translators, graphic designers, computer scientists) and linguistics (glossaries, reference texts, TMs, translation instructions, layouts).

The automated integration of these elements accelerates and consolidates the international launch of your services and products.

This is why they have already chosen us:

The DeepInto® Tech platform provides two types of services:

Translation on files

  • Programming files (json, php…)
  • Layout files (idml, To…)
  • Web files (html, xml…)
  • CAT tools files (sdl, po…)
  • And all other types of files

Translation on platforms

  • CMS Platforms (Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify …)
  • Platforms and development (GitHub, Locize…)
  • Marketing & CRM Platforms (Salesforce, HubSpot…)
  • In-house platforms

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The DeepInto® CMS platform offers its users a pragmatic and intelligent approach

In the present day, all CMS platforms (Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify …), those for development (GitHub, Locize …), Marketing & CRM (Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot …) provide their users with numerous extensions for direct multilingual management.  Most of these plugins integrate neural translation software (i.e. based on AI) which, depending on the case, form a decent working basis.

However, with DeepInto® Tech we prefer to rely on our scalable and highly adaptable solution.

Users of the DeepInto® Tech platform will be able to develop and translate their content of eCommerce sites, software & apps, or marketing texts on an international scale, benefiting from the following:

High degree of technical expertise and adaptability (all source file formats and all types of platforms)

Integration of local and cultural  specificities in translations

Translators experienced in SEO techniques and/or software and app localization

Massive reduction of budgets through the use of AI technologies with 3 levels of service

Centralize and monitor each of your language resources through the DeepInto® Tech platform

Translation Instructions

By answering 10 key questions, users can interface with us by defining their needs both before the project, during translation and during its revision.

Terminological glossaries

The DeepInto® Tech team builds, thanks to an application developed in-house, an intelligent, multilingual and contextualized glossary. Users may approve and modify it at their discretion at any time.

Translation Memories

For each project, DeepInto® Tech processes an extended translation memory which users can access directly, and which allows them to achieve reduced costs and production times. 

Contextual vision

The DeepInto® Tech platform gives translators the useful opportunity to view their translations in the environment in which they will be distributed.

Compliance with regulations

DeepInto®‘s legal team ensures users have texts with content that complies with the regulations/legislation of each exporting country.


The DeepInto® Tech chart pool chooses the most suitable technologies to ensure users receive a quality service at very limited costs

APIs, specific interfaces, plug-ins and swap files

By entering your translation project in the DeepInto® Tech platform, you automatically activate a technical feasibility study carried out meticulously by our technicians.

A multidisciplinary meeting is scheduled to provide you with the most reliable and cost-effective technical solutions possible. Our technical pool evaluates, for you, the best technologies to adopt, namely: interfaces to be implemented (standards through our APIs or specifications or a mix of both), translation technologies (neural translation, CAT, speech recognition …), layout software (InDesign, FrameMaker, Xpress, Illustrator …).