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DeepInto® platform offers the user quality linguistic solutions at the best rates on the market.

Why does the DeepInto® platform allow you to reduce your translation budgets?

AI technologies (NTM – deep learning at the neural translation level) associated with those CAT Tools (Computer Aided Translation and TM) and our applications (Deep-Into® algorithms) support the work of our professional translators by reducing their search and writing time.

These technologies allow us to offer the user of the DeepInto® platform quality linguistic solutions at the best rates on the market.

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The technologies of the DeepInto® platform are suitable for the following 3 sectors:


The legal field is undoubtedly suitable for optimized translation. In fact, the available algorithms, whether they are derived from AI technology or developed internally, adapt perfectly to the legal language (which has specific morphosyntactic characteristics). With DeepInto® Legal, we ensure reliable legal translations (reviewed and corrected by our lawyers or legal experts) at very competitive costs.


In the audiovisual industry, TTS (Text-To-Speech) and STT (Speech-To-Text) software have made tremendous progress, offering users transcripts with higher levels of reliability (generally around 92% for well-recorded audio) and synthetic dubbing (suggested, for example, for eLearning products) that is close to 80% of quality compared to human voices. The DeepInto® Video platform allows its users to benefit from all these technological benefits.


Due to the richness of their contents (product database), eCommerce sites involve considerable budgets and extended lead times. With this in mind, several publishers (Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, WordPress , etc.) have developed plugins based on AI technology to facilitate the roll-out on the different target markets. The DeepInto® TECH platform uses all these technologies in combination with its internal applications to meet the needs of its users.