DeepInto® Tech - Terminological glossaries

By helping you define your overall technical vocabulary, we ensure you obtain a valuable competitive advantage.

Benefit from the search capacity of our translators on your industry sites and in reference documents.

Benefits of a terminology database

Harmonization of translations

Interaction between users and translators

Quick search for key data

Maximum search autonomy for quick translation completion

Instantly get an online translation quote.

Manage your terminology with the DeepInto® Glossary

The DeepInto® Glossary. is an application that allows you to automatically identify the most common terms, abbreviations and acronyms within the documentation provided (possibility of parameterizing the number of occurrences of a term, the terms to be excluded, etc.). In addition, if the user has delivered reference documentation, the application allows the translation team to view the context in which the identified terms are located. The glossary available to the translators involved will be drafted on the basis of this data.

At each stage of a project, the user of the DeepInto® Tech platform is allowed to validate and/or modify the terms of the glossary. As soon as the translation team takes active action on the project glossary, it is informed by means of a notification.

The user may enhance the glossary by adding notes or explanatory images, or reference links and even in this case the team is automatically made aware of it.

In case of doubt about the translation of a term, the translator is able to interact with the user thanks to the platform’s Whatsup.

The user can integrate a specific glossary through a simple upload on the DeepInto® Tech platform. The integration of this new terminology base is carried out and controlled by the translation team to avoid any discrepancies thus achieving a perfect mastery of the necessary technical vocabulary.