DeepInto® Tech - Translation Instructions

Our strategic questions to provide you with the most effective offer

Benefits of defining translation instructions

Consistency and harmony in the activity of each translator used

Speeding up the workflow even in the final checking phase

Noticeable reduction in costs thanks to the optimization of management and implementation times

Enhancement of company brands at an international level

Instantly get an online translation quote.

Provide your instructions with a few clicks

The platform has a dedicated area where the user can fill in 10 key information points to quickly and effectively define needs.



What are translations for - who are they aimed at

Is the document for internal use, or is it a strategy document? To which reader/institution/entity is it targeted? This information allows us to qualify the tenor of translations and our offer.


Level of urgency

When do you wish to receive the translation of your document? If your project has particular time constraints, we adapt to your needs by organizing a pool of translators and technicians who can complete the work on time by taking advantage of the following requirements: favorable time zone – availability to work over 8 hours a day – even during weekends or holidays.


Availability of terminology databases and reference documents

The analysis of the sources of documentation is a very considerable reference for the correct and rapid completion of each translation.


Data processing confidentiality - Certifications of Accuracy - Customs compliance

We consider as strictly confidential all the information which we may become aware of on the occasion and for the purpose of carrying out the tasks referred to in this request for a quotation. With the signing, where applicable, of a  confidentiality  agreement by all the people involved in the subsequent project. The user can also request the ‘Certificate of Accuracy’ and ‘Customs Compliance’ of the translations performed.


Grammatical choices

The formal or informal use – use of the imperative or infinite – prevalence of sentences in passive or active form, inclusive writing, length and complexity of sentences.


The level of localization

Adaptation of product names including medicines, food products, electronic devices, etc. Adaptation of texts in screenshots, addresses, contacts, urls, currency conversion, unit of measurement and punctuation style).


IT constraints

Number of characters/spaces to be complied with for brochure layouts, Google-Amazon advertisements, compliance with variable constants and tags in programming files, management of plurals in software strings since certain languages have different plurals.



Use of capitalization especially in titles, writing of digits, use of Roman letters, treatment of legends and captions related to technical images.


Graphic treatment

For non-editable texts, availability of native files or use of photo editing techniques.


Semantic fields

Specific company jargon, terms to avoid, terms not to translate, use of synonyms and analysis of competitors’ texts from an SEO perspective.