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Regulatory Compliance Solutions

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European Regulations

At the time of the request, through the form, users can specify that their translation must comply with one of the individual European regulations, such as the REACH Regulation, or EU Regulation 1169/2011.  By choosing this option, the translator assumes the duty to use the same terminology (titles, subtitles, etc.) as in the aforementioned regulations.

Country-specific regulations

In certain sectors and in some countries (e.g. Norway, oil sector) customs documents must comply with those of the relevant ministry. In these particular cases, the user must specify, at the time of the request, which Regulation prevails.

Approval of drugs

Also at the request stage, users can choose the “Certificate of Accuracy” option.  This method implies that in addition to the translation they will be issued a certificate that guarantees the accuracy of the translation and is valid for bodies such as AIFA, EMA, etc.

Customs documentation

At the time of their request, users can also activate the ‘Customs compliance‘ option. This preference is to be activated mainly for non-European exchanges and is managed by our Lawyers.