DeepInto® Tech - Layout

The layout of your translations is a key factor in generating added value

The careful setting of a document must be able to hierarchically order the texts and what to pursue in the setting of the images. My Layout is the best solution for you.

Graphic design at the level of your Brand

End-to-End management of translated documentation

Integration of texts in any format

Automation of project tasks

Instantly get an online translation quote.

Make your Visual Branding global

Translation directly into PDF files

In the event that users do not have source files but only a PDF file, they can request the option ‘Translate directly into PDF’ so that their translations are not inserted in other formats. This option allows a significant reduction in graphic costs.

Translations directly into source files

By choosing this option users can be sure that the layout of their translations are the same as the original. With this mode the intervention of the graphic designer is limited to a little arrangement (slightly reducing the size of the fonts and the interlines so that the spaces are respected)

Insertions of translations into multi-layer source files

In the case of multilingual manuals, the intervention of graphic designers is essential. An extraction of the texts in table format is carried out to limit the execution time.

Photo editing on non-editable patterns

In the event that the manuals contain non-editable diagrams, graphic designers can make photo editing in Illustrator or Indesign to correctly insert the translated texts.

Complete reconstruction of the layout

If documentation is available only in hard-copy format, graphic designers reconstruct the layout in Indesign format.