DeepInto® Tech - Contextual vision

We offer translators a wide range of options to better contextualize all content covered

Benefits of contextualizing texts

Accuracy of translations

Acceleration of review times

Centralization of explanations

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We ensure the best context for your translations

Websites and eCommerce

Operating directly on the different CMS platforms (Drupal, WooCommerce, Magento…), translators can visualize, in real time, the environment surrounding the texts, allowing them to simultaneously check their accuracy.

Technical documentation

By translating into source files, translators can immediately generate PDFs and promptly correct them. This procedure significantly reduces the intervention of the graphs.

Software localization and Apps

Using DeepInto® Glossary with contextual notes and references (Screen shots of user manuals) allows translators to work in a context that is as complete as possible.

Centralization of questions

On the DeepInto® Tech platform, users and translators have access to the history of all the questions and answers related to each individual project carried out together.