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One platform for all audiovisual content

The DeepInto® Video platform manages the transcription, temporal scanning, translation, subtitling and dubbing phases of your audiovisual content.

Digitize the translation of your videos with DeepInto® Video

It’s an important challenge: to produce quality multilingual audiovisual content with talented translators and audiovisual adapters, increasing productivity thanks to the measured use of AI technology.

Our services

DeepInto® Video with Translation-IN audiovisual team offers its users:


Get professional transcriptions adapted to your instructions in the format of your choice (Word with TC, srt …)


Get professional and multilingual subtitles in a quick turnaround in srt format or directly burnt-in


Take advantage of our offers adapted to your needs: lipsync dubbing, voice-over, audio book, synthetic voices, video editing

Instantly get an online translation quote.

DeepInto® Video manages requests for the following products:

From video for marketing purposes to cinematic films

The DeepInto® Video platform offers technical and artistic know-how with high added value for totally professional audiovisual translations.

Corporate videos and SEO Strategy videos

Marketing videos represents a fundamental side in the digital strategy of every company to directly affect its sales. From a marketing perspective, a video increases brand awareness and purchase conversion rate by 73%. In SEO video terms, a well-optimized video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than a text, not to mention the considerable advantage of being able to share videos on social networks. (*)

The VSEO DeepInto® Video team is made up of specialists who will accompany you from strategy to execution. Our range of services is complete: localization of the semantic field of videos, spotting, transcription/translation & adaptation according to relevant keywords for subtitling, translation of titles, descriptions and tags for integration on YouTube/Vimeo.

(*)Source: SEO Inc. Google Premier Partner (

Conferences and interviews

The coronavirus has accelerated the digitization of events and services: the increase in teleworking and conferences, virtual events, interviews, telecompetitions, telemedicine, etc.

In response to this phenomenon, the DeepInto® Video team has developed multidisciplinary skills and techniques to support our clients internationally. We are able to offer very competitive quotations thanks to our technical and IT know-how, while ensuring 100% human and multisectoral translations (medical, financial, scientific, cultural, etc.).

DeepInto® Video also provides a virtual booth interpreting service for meetings, conferences with different company teams, on Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

E-Learning training modules

Since 2010 we have been collaborating with the main digital design and training agencies (ranked among the top 30 in Europe) for which we have translated over 1,000 training modules created for the largest multinationals (Bulgari, Nestlé, Generali Group, etc.). However, our services are also sought after by consultancy institutes on the environment and on occupational risks for which we translate and make audio reproduction of training programs for their clients (training in health, safety and environment, organizational consultancy and communication).

DeepInto® Video projects are multilingual (European and Asian languages), multi-sector (banking, HR, engineering, commerce, logistics, etc.) and multimedia (presentations, videos, applications, etc.).

Docufilms and reality shows

Scaling, translation and voice-over for documentaries and reality shows scheduled on Sky and Netflix, but our commitment is not limited to this: we participate directly with the most well-known production companies of our clients in the SWOT analysis of their creations. Translations and adaptations for large-scale docufilms (1:50) in the world of music that feature celebrities such as international singers and rappers.

Synopsis – Loglines and scripts

We work on synopsis, loglines and scripts in the most common languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian) but also in more complex languages to manage technically such as Arabic and Hebrew and, thanks to the transliteration service in the alphabet Italian, we also cover the needs of those cinematographers who need to follow every line. With DeepInto® Video, the user can follow all the stages of writing scripts, updating them as they are modified by their authors (version 1 – version 2 – version 3 , etc.). We fully understand the importance of working well and quickly when production companies are close to shooting. In these circumstances they need, with the utmost urgency, to update the latest script translations with respect to the changes made. We also know how to fully translate scripts that also contain lines in local dialects.

Films & TV Series

  • Consistency of terminology via a glossary (KNP Netflix) within the film and for TV series also with previous seasons.
  • Stylistic consistency thanks to the show guides.
  • Consistency between all the episodes of the various seasons (flashbacks, secondary characters, summary, previews, etc.) thanks to the editor.
  • Project managers in close relationship with the hall managers for the coordination of the two teams in action (translators/adapters – actors/speakers)

The DeepInto® Video platform deals with movies and TV series covering a variety of genres and all age groups. It also deals with various types of animated series (users have the option of keeping the same team for each season of the same series). Generally the cut of these products corresponds to 10 episodes of about 20-30 minutes. We work on videos, KNPs and final scripts with often very tight deadlines where maximum confidentiality is required until the products are published.

The lists contained in the glossaries/KNP include both deadlines already encountered in previous seasons (in the case of series with previous seasons) and new deadlines to be filled in. Our translation and adaptation work never loses sight of any possible discrepancy. We work with conscience and autonomy by making decisions, as appropriate, also on how to manage some unexpected events.