DeepInto® Tech - Translation Memories

Exploit previous translations and benefit from a long‑lasting and strategic investment thanks to our multi‑project translation memories

Benefits of Consolidated Translation Memory

Budget optimization

Faster Time to Market

Harmonization of the Brand Image

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Streamlining costs

DeepInto® Memory is based on the main CAT Tools. The budget of a translation project is defined according to the analysis of this software. The DeepInto® Memory team aims to always get the best budget for the client, reusing the TMs of previous projects and/or importing TMs provided by the user (previous memories in tmx format can be uploaded in the DeepInto® Memory section).

Creation of translation memories

The translations of each translator are integrated into a unique memory. At the end of each project, a merger of all the TMs is carried out that can be enhanced and enriched for future activities. Memory is shared between the user and the entire translation team in the DeepInto® Memory section.

Acceleration of production times

Users of the DeepInto® Tech platform may consult TM for the repetition rate of a project in progress; for example, if a repetition rate of 40% is determined, translation times are also simplified by 40%.

Automated management of manuals

The DeepInto® Memory section offers users the possibility of automating the management of versions of their technical documentation (manuals, data sheets, catalogs, labels).

Terminological concordance

In addition to the direct insertion of the translation segments with 100% repetition, DeepInto® Memory allows each translator to consult the consolidated TM on the Cloud. This allows the different members of the translation team to confidently deepen their terminology research.