DeepInto® LEGAL

A comprehensive legal platform

Digitize your legal translations on DeepInto® Legal, optimize your budgets using AI technologies, benefit from professional and approved translations thanks to the intervention of our lawyers and legal experts

A multi-service platform for a unique experience on the market

The DeepInto® Legal platform offers the user a unique experience on the market thanks to a complete range of legal translation services where accuracy, speed and confidentiality are provided at reduced costs

Our services

Non-legalized legal translations

Contracts, artilcles of association, regulations, rules, sentences, powers of attorney, GTC, GTCU, etc.

Sworn translations

Translations of sworn documents in Europe and the USA for use all over the world, legalization, apostille, legal advice, etc.

Legal services

Conformity of translations, drafting of legal documents, reproduction of the original graphic layout.

Instantly get an online translation quote.

DeepInto® Legal offers its users:

Digitization of legal and sworn translations

We designed the DeepInto® Legal platform thinking about the needs of our clients in legal matters and thus developing a collaborative and highly personalized tool.

Online legal advice

Ask our legal specialists for advice on your sworn translations thanks to the platform’s private chat.

Personalized legal services

Entrust the drafting of your legal documents (all types of contracts, agreements, articles of association, etc.) to our lawyers.

Document compliance

Conform your customs documents (SDS safety data sheets, MDS, etc.), packaging, labels and food data sheets (terminology compliant with EU regulations, etc.).

Certification of truthfulness

Certified translation services with certificate of accuracy for organizations such as AIFA, EMA, etc.

Optimization of the number of certified translations

DeepInto® Legal allows notary and legal firms to obtain, together with the certified translations, a bilingual version in pdf format with editable fields that avoids further transfer services for the same document.

A highly secure, confidential and scalable private cloud

Data security

Data and videos stored on the DeepInto® platform are encrypted (AES standard) and protected by the use of SSL/TLS protocol during transfers.

Confidentiality in compliance with the GDPR

The data and information transmitted via the DeepInto® platform are processed in full compliance with the GDPR.

Faster workflows

Legal and sworn legal translations in just a few clicks on the private, approved user-only platform.


Language combinations


Clients trusting us


Years of experience

Artificial intelligence at the service of our clients

The DeepInto® Legal platform is a guarantee of the best price because our collaborators (experts and expert court-appointed Translators and public prosecutors, legal experts and lawyers) are supported by technologies based on neural translation, translation memories, graphics recognition software, to provide compliant translations from all points of view, quickly and at competitive costs.

In addition, AI technologies, also based on our databases, allow the adoption of segments of translations already carried out in documentation, such as company records, forms, formats for certification and tax returns, etc. Our users therefore benefit from very low rates.