DeepInto® LEGAL - Sworn translations

Law firms, notaries, successor genealogists, multinationals and SMEs: entrust the digitization of your sworn translations to the DeepInto® Legal platform, then we will do the rest.

The power of our national and international network of sworn translators

At national level, our translators swear in the courts of appeal and the courts, while at international level, they swear in the institutions, organizations, ministries, courts of their countries according to individual local legislations.

In fact, our consultants (who know the articles of law and bilateral agreements between Italy and the countries of destination) guide you in choosing the most suitable solution with respect to the requesting administrative bodies, so that the sworn translations are also valid abroad, thus ensuring the success of your and your clients’ international operations, transactions or procedures.

The strength of our network of sworn translators allows us to manage 99% of the language combinations destined for any country in the world. This widespread international network also makes it possible to comply with even very tight delivery deadlines.

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Legalization and Postilla (apostilles) of your translated documents

Premising that the apostille of The Hague is a standard text divided into 10 points that certifies the authenticity of a signature of a public deed.

Depending on the type of document and the authorities of the countries of destination, it may be necessary to have your certified translation legalized or annotated. The legal advisors of the DeepInto® Legal platform are at your disposal to analyze every need and propose the best solution: just tell us the nature of your transaction, operation, procedure, succession, etc., the authorities of the destination country and any other useful information in your possession.

DeepInto® Legal: get your sworn translation with international validity

DeepInto® Legal consultants are at your disposal by phone or via the platform chat, to analyze every sworn translation request, so that your cases are always accepted by foreign authorities.

For example, if your sworn translation is intended for an authority in Texas, the hard-copy version of the sworn translation must be sent from the USA. The translator assigned to your translation project will then be American and will be able to send the hard-copy versions of the sworn translation directly to the Texas authorities.

As another example, if your sworn translation is intended for an Australian authority, at the time of delivery on the platform, the user will also find a “Certificate of Accuracy” to be attached to the sworn translation when sent to the Australian authorities.