DeepInto® LEGAL - Legal advice

DeepInto® Legal Platform: 150 lawyers and legal experts for full service legal advice

Turnkey legal services that adapt your translations to target markets

DeepInto® Legal can assist you in each of these areas:

Adaptation of your translations to the regulations in force in the countries where you work.

Guarantee of total compliance of the translations with respect to European and international regulations.

Conformity of translations of your customs documents.

Instantly get an online translation quote.

Ad hoc creation of PDF documents with editable fields

This service, available on the DeepInto® Legal platform and managed by the legal translations team of the Translation-IN Agency, allows the user to obtain, in addition to the sworn translation, also a PDF document with editable fields. In addition, it is possible to receive a bilingual version of the documents.

This characteristic is particularly useful for notary offices and law firms since they can send their clients bilingual documents, thus avoiding the costs arising from the sworn statement.

Questa caratteristica è particolarmente utile per gli uffici notarili e gli studi legali in quanto possono inviare ai loro clienti documenti già bilingui, evitando così i costi provenienti dall’atto di giuramento.

Legal Design and Legal Tech: comprehensive legal solutions designed for each of our users

The DeepInto® Legal platform puts, at your disposal, 150 legal professionals based in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia. Before each translation project, our staff designs legal solutions that allow you to move from a simple request for legal services (for example, drafting of contracts) to innovative and value-added projects. After this Legal design phase, our teams will use the most advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence to optimize your budgets (Legal Tech).

  • Drafting of contracts, articles of association, agreements, etc.
  • Legal advice for the establishment of companies abroad
  • Drafting of customs documents, labels, technical data sheets, in compliance with current legislation
  • Specialized consultancy by sector of expertise to better conform your translated texts: intellectual property, confidentiality and data protection, advertising, administration, real estate, start-ups, etc.