DeepInto® LEGAL - Non-legalized translations

DeepInto® Legal: the right platform for translating all of your legal documents

Greater responsiveness, better price and consistently impeccable quality

With the highly innovative approach of the DeepInto® Legal platform, designed and developed by the research and development team of the Translation-IN Agency, you benefit from 3 substantial competitive advantages:

Great reactivity

The DeepInto® Legal platform allows you to launch your request for a production start in just a few clicks. Then download your legal and sworn translations in digital format directly in your client area.

Best rate

The legal field lends itself perfectly to the use of artificial intelligence and thanks to DeepInto® Legal and our expert translators and lawyers you can be sure of getting the best rates on the market.

Maximum quality

Once a document has been uploaded to the platform, our sworn translators, legal specialists and lawyers will take care of it, providing the translated version as indicated by the user.

Instantly get an online translation quote.

DeepInto® Legal covers 100% of your legal/legal translation needs

The professional translators (lawyers, legal experts and sworn translators-experts) of the DeepInto® Legal platform know how and when to use digital and AI technologies (neural translations + assisted translation in which the translator chooses to what extent to exploit the system’s recommendations). In addition, thanks to these technologies, translators can apply the terminology of your sector of activity (via our specialized translation memories by topic) and even prioritize the data in your glossaries.

Documents processed:

  • All kinds of contracts, agreements, articles of association, pacts, specifications, etc.
  • Any type of power of attorney, mandate, model and government-type certificate, protocol, etc.
  • All kinds of regulations, standards, certifications, etc.
  • Any kind of document relating to legal proceedings: summons, sentences, minutes, writ of summons, wills, notarial deeds, etc.
  • Any type of legal-commercial document: GTC, GCU, legal notices, privacy policies, etc.