DeepInto® VIDEO - Transcription

From audio or video files to text in just a few clicks

The DeepInto® Video platform is especially aimed at authors, journalists, podcast creators, documentary directors, reality TV producers, transforms audio and video files into written text allowing their qualitative analysis and decoding at negligible costs.

Why do the AI technologies chosen and developed by DeepInto® Video allow highly reliable transcriptions?

The speech recognition market today has a very wide range of software. We have chosen the best after numerous tests carried out on over 30 languages. The checks carried out by our linguists makes each transcription perfectly conform to its audio.

DeepInto® Video offers 100% compliant transcripts starting from € 1 per minute with an output in Word or srt format that includes:

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Creation and insertion of subtitles from a SEO video point of view

Although Google has its own Speech-to-Text software for referencing video content, a VSEO approach can be extremely effective in creating intra-linguistic subtitles.

Users of the platform can obtain an srt file starting from 4 euros per minute, with the possibility, for each subtitle, to define the following parameters:

Engraving can be done via YouTube or for free using our software. If the user wants a customized engraving, starting from € 1 per minute, he can define the following subtitling parameters himself: