Traduction-IN has created DeepInto®

DeepInto® Translations

Traduction-IN has created DeepInto®, a translations management system traduzioni based on a platform to accelerate your time to market thanks to end-to-end translation management (TMS) using artificial intelligence (AI).

Developed by Translation-IN, DeepInto® is a Translation Management System (TMS) platform designed to automate business translation processes, centralize language resources and accelerate the time-to-market of products and services.

The Translation-IN agency fits perfectly into the elite of those who have chosen the continuous search for performance as the objctive of their business dynamics: to develop and improve the customer experience, attract the best talent and look out for the technologies of tomorrow.

The DeepInto® platform is the concentration and rationalization of 20 years of experience, 100,000 projects successfully completed thanks to multidisciplinary skills (project managers, professional translators, lawyers, graphic designers, IT technicians, stage managers, actors and video editors).

Faced with the rigidity of the labor market, DeepInto® is a relevant answer, focused on the needs of its users, which reduces the tasks inherent in the management of translations by up to 80%, all supported by artificial intelligence technologies (neural translation, CAT, voice recognition, synthetic voices and integrated pagination).

A real re-engineering of the translation process.

The user of the DeepInto® platform centralizes all these translation assets: from human resources, benefiting from a network of professionals in all disciplines (professional translators, lawyers, graphic designers, etc.) to linguistic resources (translation instructions, glossaries, translation memories, etc.)

The translation management process is fully automated: in a few clicks the users creates their projects and can therefore supervise their budgets, instructions, glossaries, sworn or non-sworn translations, subtitles, dubbed videos, memories translation, estimates, orders, invoices, etc.

An innovative method of design fiction: 3 platforms in 1!

The goal of our workshops is to design the future needs of our customers based on current market trends. The bottom up approach, based on the experience of numerous projects in all sectors, has paid off clearly showing the need to develop 3 platforms.

  • DeepInto® Legal offers users free legal advice to define the most suitable solution for the success of their activities or transactions (legal translation, sworn translation, conformity translation …).
  • DeepInto® Video allows users to choose the desired service (transcription, subtitling, dubbing …) with a wide range of options (format with time code for transcriptions; cps, font, reading time for subtitles; gender and age of the actors for dubbing …).
  • DeepInto® Tech allows the user to define everything in a few clicks before the project starts (10 key criteria to define translation instructions, glossaries, translation memories, contextualization, layout, file format, intervention on the CMS platform, etc.)

In regard to Traduction-IN

For over 20 years, Traduction-IN has provided high quality translation services to more than 5,000 clients in over 25 countries. The 50 most spoken languages in the world, which represent 99% of international business, are treated with the utmost professionalism by sector of activity.

The presence of a network of professionals (translators, graphic designers, lawyers, technicians, actors, etc.) combined with the know-how and creativity of its project managers constitute the main strength of Traduction-IN.

Some key figures

  • Over 5,000 customers
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Over 100,000 projects
  • 50+ languages

Our services

DeepInto® LEGAL

Flow management of legal and sworn translation projects from layout to hard-copy and digital delivery.

DeepInto® VIDEO

Audiovisual content management (scaling, transcription, translation, subtitling, speakerage and voice-over, video editing).

DeepInto® TECH

Management of multilingual development of eCommerce sites also from an SEO perspective (WordPress/WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and source files).

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