The future of automation and digitization of legal and tax documents

DeepInto® Legal

The Traduzione-IN agency ushers in the future of automation and digitization of legal and tax documents with DeepInto® Legal, a TMS platform with artificial intelligence

A completely renewed user experience: the DeepInto® Legal platform is a Legal Tech created by the Translation-IN agency in strategic partnership with a network of 150 international law attorneys, based on the latest advances in translation artificial intelligence.

This “start-up” platform is a solution mainly dedicated to law firms and notaries, with a triple objective: centralizing and digitizing all translations and interpreting interventions, automating the user management process (TMS system) and the translation process (neural translation and generation of reusable bilingual documents), and the provision of superior quality online legal services thanks to a network of 150 partner lawyers.

Back from the future: meeting tomorrow’s needs today

The DeepInto® Legal platform is a first-rate transformation source for its users: it accelerates the automation and digitization of document management for law firms and notaries, but also for corporate and private business legal activities. Users benefit from a network of professionals ranging from sworn interpreters and translators to international legal experts and lawyers on a single platform. With just a few clicks, users can order and then upload translations and/or legal documents and make appointments for interpreters in their offices. The platform also provides free legal advice.

Artificial intelligence is the push towards a new era

The real challenge was to create a platform that combines the know-how of expert legal translators with artificial intelligence technologies to provide digitized sworn translations and legal translations (contracts, statutes, etc.) certified by legal advisors. For legal analysis and drafting, our lawyers facilitate searching through AI-powered engines, allowing you to quickly access case law in many countries. DeepInto® Legal users thus benefit from the highest quality legal services with timing and costs that can be controlled in real time on the platform.

Faster time-to-market thanks to the standardization of your compliance

The interface system of the DeepInto® Legal platform allows the user to order, in advance, a project with the related translations of customs documents, safety data sheets, labels, and more, in compliance with national or European regulations or with the laws of the markets destination, regulating the translated texts thanks to the intervention of a network of international lawyers. In this way, the user benefits from the strength of the experience and talent of professional translators combined with the legal assistance of lawyers operating directly in the destination country.

In regard to Traduction-IN

For over 20 years, Traduction-IN has provided high quality translation services to more than 5,000 clients in over 25 countries. The 50 most spoken languages in the world, which represent 99% of international business, are treated with the utmost professionalism by sector of activity.

The presence of a network of professionals (translators, graphic designers, lawyers, technicians, actors, etc.) combined with the know-how and creativity of its project managers constitute the main strength of Traduction-IN.

Some key figures

  • Over 5,000 customers
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Over 100,000 projects
  • 50+ languages

Our services

DeepInto® LEGAL

Flow management of legal and sworn translation projects from layout to hard-copy and digital delivery.

DeepInto® VIDEO

Audiovisual content management (scaling, transcription, translation, subtitling, speakerage and voice-over, video editing).

DeepInto® TECH

Management of multilingual development of eCommerce sites also from an SEO perspective (WordPress/WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and source files).

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