DeepInto® TECH - Translations on platforms

DeepInto® TECH localize the user experience of your eCommerce site by providing multilingual and interactive translations

Translation of your WordPress/WooCommerce eCommerce site

WooCommerce localization requires a perfect command of the language files of this WordPress plugin, which accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s e-commerce sites. The customization of this plug-in is essential to improve the user experience of sites.

For the translation of the most disparate contents (pages, articles, products, widgets, modules, slugs, etc.) we always suggest the use of the WPML plugin, a reliable and widely used solution. WPML allows translators to duplicate content manually or automatically to insert their translations. We can also use other translation plugins such as Weglot Translate, Google Website Translator, MultilingualPress and Polylang.

The in-house skills of DeepInto® TECH technicians also make it possible to localize standard WooCommerce translations. This localization is done through PoEdit software. Our technicians can also intervene on graphic aspects such as colors, fonts, area sizes, and more.

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Translation of your Magento eCommerce site

First, and to determine the volume of translations to be made, the DeepInto® TECH project manager performs an audit of your Magento implementation (pages, static blocks, modules, emails, products, etc.)

After this evaluation, the allocation of tasks and the planning of activities are defined with the utmost precision.

When the project comes to an end, the DeepInto® TECH staff performs a final review of the translations inserted in the back-end and then proceeds to complete the translations in the front-end. All these activities are carried out by DeepInto® TECH translators with maximum autonomy so that the client can receive the e-commerce site quickly, without the involvement of their own technical team.

Translation of your Drupal eCommerce site

The DeepInto® TECH team has the skills to work on all 4 Drupal translation modules, namely: Language, Interface Translation, Content Translation and Configuration Translation.

The DeepInto® TECH staff has all the skills necessary for the success of the required activity: project management by a project manager, technological expertise ensured by the CMS technician and professional SEO-oriented translation performed by our experienced translators.

When the client’s development team sends us source files of the type .xlf or .po, we use the standard procedure of translations made on the basis of native files.

Translation of your Prestashop eCommerce site

Prestashop offers several extensions to directly translate the content of your eCommerce site. If you want to reduce the cost of multilingual implementation, DeepInto® TECH translators can intervene to make 100% human and SEO-oriented translations directly on Prestashop. The Deep-Into® CMS technician is available to collaborate with your development team to define the best processing procedure.

Finally, for the aspects related to the translation of the more contextual elements, Prestashop offers different localization packages. Once installed, the DeepInto® TECH staff can intervene on the language files generated by the system to customize and improve the translations (this intervention is often necessary).

In-house translation of the CMS eCommerce site

The DeepInto® TECH technical team is very flexible and can also adapt to CMS platforms developed in-house (often web agencies have developed their own tools). We support many agencies in the development and translation of multilingual websites in different sectors (industry, tourism, culture, etc.) thanks to a white-label collaboration that includes the translation of SEO-oriented content (multilingual semantic fields, etc.), Google ads, contextual elements.