DeepInto® TECH - Translation on files

DeepInto® TECH works closely with your development teams, translating directly into your native files

File types supported by the DeepInto® TECH platform

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DeepInto® TECH: an easy way to integrate your eCommerce translations



The DeepInto® TECH engineer analyzes the files and makes decisions regarding the following factors: content extraction to define volume, choice of AI technologies and software to prepare and create translations, etc.



Translators carry out translations according to the technical and stylistic instructions: compliance with the tags, maximum number of characters, punctuation, etc.



Technicians check and validate the translated files: the integrity of the files is checked before delivery to clients (for example, xml files are passed through an xml validator, etc.)


Final check and delivery

The translator does a final check of the translations once they are online. Any corrections are then fed back directly into the native files for final implementation.