Digitize your business translations

The DeepInto® platform is a concentration of talent and technologies dedicated to 3 areas of professional translation

We serve our clients with quality, high‑tech translations

DeepInto® platform users can benefit from the following functionalities and guarantees:

DeepInto® LEGAL

Flow management of legal and sworn translation projects from layout to hard-copy and digital delivery.

DeepInto® VIDEO

Audiovisual content management (scaling, transcription, translation, subtitling, speakerage and voice-over, video editing).

DeepInto® TECH

Management of multilingual development of eCommerce sites also from an SEO perspective (WordPress/WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and source files).

The best safety standards

DeepInto® is a highly secure platform thanks to different levels of protection and complex encryption, based on a distributed and regularly tested infrastructure.

Collaboration and sharing

Collaborative management both internal with multi-user registration and access rights on three levels of corporate users, and external with the possibility of multilevel sharing of documents with the various project partners.

Main features

Manage and optimise your translation processes

The DeepInto® platform gives the user a single point of access to all linguistic, audio-visual, legal and technical resources.

Artificial intelligence is a source of value

Integrate cutting edge AI technologies at 3 levels of the translation process: neural translation, speech recognition and synthesised voices.

The human factor makes all the difference

Access a network of professionals in 6 areas of expertise: translators, actors, lawyers, computer specialists, graphic designers, video editors.

Legal assistance with a 360° remit

Our “lawyer-translators” work in three main areas: legal translation, sworn translation and translation compliance.

Structure your document management

All information and data is administered, used, and stored in a structured way for 10 years up to a limit of 100 GB.

Interact and correspond with our teams

The user of the DeepInto® platform can interact with the various experts working on their translation project at any time.

Instantly get an online translation quote.

We exploit the strengths of artificial intelligence to put them at the service of our professional translators, legal, audiovisual and CMS specialists

Optimized DeepInto® translation carried out by our professional translators, speeded up by simplified workflows and our AI technologies

Professional transcription with speech recognition, reviewed and adapted by our expert subtitling professionals

Synthetic dubbing perfected by our audio engineers using Sub2Dub® software developed by the DeepInto® team

Three platforms in one!

DeepInto® LEGAL

DeepInto® VIDEO

DeepInto® TECH